New clug website?

Matthew Hawkins matt at
Wed Jun 19 22:16:05 EST 2002

Mark Purcell (mark at wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> One idea given the coordination of meeting topics which we seem to have
> the week before the meeting would be some sort of topic registration
> system where people could either automatically or manually register
> discussion topics which are then allocated to up and coming months...
> Of course it might be a lot simpler just to do this by hand... But I think
> it would be a great advertisment if the CLUG home page listed what was
> being discussed during the present and next month... Maybe along the
> lines of DebianPlanet/ Slashdot type of entry page..

I imagined a "blog" type system too, also for the ability for
individuals to maintain the projects page themselves.  An archive of
discussion topics would be nice, if you miss a meeting you can go to the
CLUG webpage and get the papers and any associated material.

I guess the choice is between a simple system that doesn't cost much to
setup but requires constant time to maintain in the future, or a more
complex system (like a blog) that costs far more to setup initially but
maintenance forevermore is partly shared by everyone and hence costs far
less.  There's also the security risks, a simple, static page type of
thing is high security while a CGI blog is ... not.

Perhaps such a satisfactory system could be a clug project...


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