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Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Wed Jun 19 19:20:52 EST 2002

On Wednesday, June 19, 2002, at 03:14 , Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> Michael James wrote:
>> I'd like to put in an unqualified plug for Maestro modems, ...
> I have to agree, I've never had any touble with their products, and
> found them *very* helpful when resolving problems.

I had a Maestro JetStream companion (33.6k) and a Spirit Viper (28.8k).  
The Spirit Viper is a lot older (I bought it at about $300 when 28k was 
the fastest that telephone lines could possibly transfer data).

One of my friends borrowed my JetStream, and had terrible trouble 
connecting to his ISP.  I swapped him the Spirit Viper (since my 
personal experience was that it was unbreakable) - on protest.  He was 
doubtful that the older modem could be better, but it actually connected 
reliably, and stayed connected.

I practically had to break legs to get my Spirit Viper back ;)
(okay, poetic licence at work)

I think the problem would have been related to impedance of the 
telephone lines - and I couldn't remember if/what the commands were for 
adjusting impedance on the JetStream.  Guess I should talk Maestro about 

But just be aware, YMMV when it comes to consumer off-the-shelf modems.  
Yes, the Woomera sounds like a totally kick-arse modem, but at $500, it 
would want to cook me breakfast too ;)

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