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Alex Satrapa grail at
Wed Jun 19 18:41:09 EST 2002

On Tuesday, June 18, 2002, at 10:43 , Irena and Richard Jenkins wrote:

> 3.   For those that don't know the Mac has an excellent internal modem 
> (56k).
> The modem doesn't give me disconnect problems when I connect using MacOS
> tools.
> 4.   I can keep the connection going by doing things so there are no 
> silent
> periods on the connection ... by overlapping downloads with mail 
> collection I
> can keep the connection up for more than an hour (easily).  Lots of 
> stress
> however ... and I cannot leave the keyboard...

Check for an option "lcp-echo-interval" - if it's not in your 
/etc/ppp/options file, or one of the /etc/ppp/peers/* files, add it into 
the peer file for the ISP, something like this:

lcp-echo-interval 60

This will cause your PPP daemon to ping the ISP's device every minute, 
to make sure the link is still alive.


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