Subject: Modems

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Wed Jun 19 16:12:24 EST 2002

> Alan wrote:
> In my quest to obtain a 'true hardware' modem I received the following
> reply from the manufacturer
> of a D-Link DFM-560i+.
> >>Hi there,
> >>Thanks for writing to us.
> >>The DFM-560i+ is a hardware modem which only runs in Windows. The
> processing is
> >>done by the modem. Unfortunately the DFM-560I+ modem does not have
> support for
> >>Linux.
> Does this make sense and is there a chance that I may get this to run
> on my Linux machine ?


A 'true hardware modem' presents a serial port interface to whatever OS
is running on the machine.  

The easy way to buy a hardware modem is to get an external, serial (not
USB) device.

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