non-Java, Open Source, Message-Oriented Middleware

Doug.Palmer at Doug.Palmer at
Tue Jun 18 10:27:12 EST 2002

> Please let me know how your search turns out.

Thanks for the tip about Spread. I had developed a blind spot about
searching for groupware. Virtual synchrony and total order are Good Things
not found in most MOM.[*] About the only other thing I've found is the
venerable Isis/Horus/Ensemble stuff.

There's a few others:

isectd doesn't seem to offer reliable messaging

Looking at Sourceforge, Yet Another Middleware, O-Mom, CrimsonMQ, OpenMQ,
NetEvents and others don't seem to have actually produced anything.

[*] Virtual synchrony: consumers that are subscribed to the same sequence of
"views" receive the same messages. Total order: everybody receives messages
in the same order, even if they're published by different processes.
Actually total order isn't found in most GCSs, which have what's called
"causal" ordering: a message sent in response to a message will always
arrive after the original message.

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