Codemonkey needed (MySQL/PHP)

Simon Cousins simon at
Tue Jun 18 09:28:53 EST 2002

Hi Cluggers,

One of my voluntary roles is in the administration of the exciting
Olympic sport of Fencing.

The national body which administers the sport is the Australian Fencing
Federation (AFF).  As an ACT representative to the AFF, I have been
successful in selling the national executive on the good sense to
migrate their web services to Linux.

I have been able to get approval for a $500 budget to knock up a simple
website/intranet/database for the national athletes.  I now need a
codemonkey to assist with a smattering of MySQL and PHP-Nuke.

I know it's not a lot of money, but the AFF runs on a shoestring, and
the entire executive donates their own time for free.  I figure this
would be a high-profile job for someone who'd find $500 handy, and we'd
be more than happy to credit the coder on the website and write a
glowing reference for her/his CV.

And the work is pretty basic.  I'd estimate about 12-15 hours over a few

I've already got the domain-name delegated to a BSD-based hosting
company, and have semi-installed Nuke.  We have a clear schema of the
simple MySQL fields which are needed.  No "creative" or design is needed
in this brief -- it is "please make us a simple database and join the
dots so it is read/write accessible via a Nuke website and we'll be
forever grateful".

There *may* be more money and work to roll out the model to all of the
state based fencing associations, which would create more kudos for the
coder concerned.

Interested?  Drop me an email.


Simon Cousins
simon at
Mobile telephone: +61 0409 988-191

ACTFA Secretary
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