Connection Is Lost!!

Michael James michael at
Mon Jun 17 21:56:03 EST 2002

Talking about modems dumping you,
 they are very variable.

Maestro modems hang on like terriers.

When I couldn't be bothered going out to the computers
 I used to "log off" by whistling into a parallel handset.

Early 56K connections used to drop out just for picking the handset,
 but 33.6 K lines and then the 56K modems at
 took over a minute of solid whistling to give up.

Immediately you start you heard the tones of the re-train starting,
 but pause for breath and they would settle back down to working again.

My connections used to last days,
 usually until I turned Eudora off and they dumped me for inactivity.

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a privilege not exercised is illegal.

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