Connection Is Lost!!

Alex Satrapa grail at
Mon Jun 17 18:26:23 EST 2002

On Monday, June 17, 2002, at 04:51 , Irena and Richard Jenkins wrote:

> The above was taken from /var/log/messages    AFTER the session.
> I did NOT voluntarily close the session.

Turn off call waiting.  Disconnect any Touchphones (the white ones) that 
are connected to the same phone line.  Check with your ISP that your 
bill is paid.  Make sure that other phones connected to the same line 
are securely on-hook, or else unplugged. Don't use telephone extension 
cables.  Try different cables.

The call waiting tones will interfere with most modems to the point that 
one end will give up and disconnect.

The Touchphones draw power from the telephone line every 15 minutes or 
so to keep their memory battery charged, in such a way that makes your 
modem think the other end has hung up (or something to that effect - all 
I know is, connect Touchphones to the "phone" socket of the modem, and 
not a double adaptor).

Although it's unlikely from your description, it may be possible that 
your ISP is disconnecting you because your account isn't valid.  If you 
had debugging turned on ("debug" in the ppp options file), you'd see 
something like "connection terminated by peer."

I've had a wall-mounted phone that would go off-hook if the wind blew 
the house in a particular way - the extra pufteenth of a degree was 
enough for the cordless handset to decide it had been picked up, so it 
would go off-hook, thus degrading the signal quality, causing the modem 
to hangup.

Extension cables might have corroded or twisted contacts which lose 
contact if the cable is disturbed.

You might have cables with dodgey connectors that lose contact if the 
cable is disturbed.

Actually, a good place to start is to turn debugging on ("debug" in the 
ppp options file), and see if you can find anything more from that.


"The nice thing about standards is that there are so many of them to 
choose from"
     -- Andrew Tanenbaum
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