Connection Is Lost!!

Brett Worth brettw at
Mon Jun 17 18:21:33 EST 2002

On Mon, 17 Jun 2002, Irena and Richard Jenkins wrote:

> Still having quick disconnect problems and would like to hear ideas on where 
> to look for solutions.  Here is a summary of yesterday's session...


I used to have similar problems with an old 28.8K Netcomm modem where it
would link-up at one speed (perhaps low) and then try to retrain "up"
after a couple of minutes.  The retain would get so confused that it
would just drop the link.

Do you use this same modem under Windows?  Does it behave the same way?  It
could be that the Windows dialer is providing a different initialisation
string which corrects this problem.  Is it an older modem?


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