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Michael Still mikal at
Thu Jun 13 13:52:41 EST 2002

On Thu, 13 Jun 2002, Bob Edwards wrote:

> If they can connect everyone in the street at the same time, then they
> only need to dig one main trench, but if someone decides to connect later,
> that's a whole new trench.

I recall a while ago a friend got home ISDN (don't ask why)... He already
had the current phone copper to his house maxed out with a couple of phone
lines, so Telstra just pulled another line. He lives in an underground
phone area, and this involved them just "blowing" a new line down his
little conduit thingie to his house -- it apparently looked like a
parachite with cable attached.

I guess Telstra's advantage is that everyone expects to have to have a
Telstra conduit into their house. If I as the resident paid for this
conduit, surely I own it and can put TransACT down it?



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