Transact Gungahlin

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Thu Jun 13 12:32:23 EST 2002

Michael Still wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Jun 2002, Bob Edwards wrote:
> > Will the customer still want to connect later if it costs $2000 or
> > more for the trench?
> Surely connecting me (trenches et al) is just a cost of Transact doing
> business? AGL don't bill me to dig trenches to my street when I connect
> (they do bill for the little trench from the street to my house), and
> Foxtel didn't charge me for the satellite, just the dish.
> I personally wont pay for a service where they use my connection fee to
> provide service to others -- I expect to pay to have _me_ connected.

Thats the trench I am referring to - the one to your house. But where
do they have to dig it back to? With Gas, they simply join you onto the
main line running down the street. With TransACT, they need to connect
you back to the nearest node, which may be up to 300m away.

If they can connect everyone in the street at the same time, then they
only need to dig one main trench, but if someone decides to connect later,
that's a whole new trench.


Bob Edwards.

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