lca2004 mailing list

Steven Hanley sjh at
Thu Jun 13 12:28:16 EST 2002


Okay so I have just set up an lca 2004 mailing list

Look at for further details. All
the standard mailman things apply.

I have already subscribed to it the people who said they were keen to help
with lca 2004, anyone else i free to hop on the list if they want.

The people subscribed currently are

Robert Bolin <Robert.Bolin at>
Hugh Blemmings <hugh at>
Bob Edwards <Robert.Edwards at>
Michael Still <mikal at>
Peter Barker <pbarker at>
Simon Cousins <simon at>
Martijn van Oosterhout <kleptog at>
Geoff Smith <gsmith at>
Paul Warren <s3292467 at>
Neill Cox <Neill.Cox at>
Martin Schwenke <martin at>
Simon Haddon <simon at>
Paul Bryan <katenpaul at>
Steven Hanley <sjh at>

I waited a bit longer than planned to set this up as I was hoping for a
slightly longer response then my initial response from the linux australia
people, it has not yet appeared and we should be discussing this more now

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