Unplug a mouse and loose it

Simon Haddon simon at sibern.com.au
Wed Jun 12 19:12:48 EST 2002

Use a KVM....  Or vnc!

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On 10/06/02, 21:40:43, Michael James <michael at james.st> wrote regarding 
Unplug a mouse and loose it:

> Sometimes in the middle of a KDE login,
>  I plug Screen, keyboard and mouse into a different computer
>  and use/debug that one for a while.

> Then I want to go back to the original one.

> The monitor and keyboard put up with this,
>  plug them back in and start typing.

> The mouse does not, when I return the mouse is non-existant.
> True for both PS/2 connected mice and USB.

> Finally I ran sax2 and the cursor returned when I canceled out.

> Anyone know a better way of reviving mice
>  or how to make them un-dying in the first place?

> Thanks,
> michaelj
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