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Michael Still mikal at
Wed Jun 12 18:50:15 EST 2002

Hey all.

I have wireless. It is bridged to my wired network on the firewall
machine, using the kernel ethernet bridging. It looks something like:

<<<scary wireless>>>                         <<<telstra adsl>>>
         |                                           |
         |               *********************       |
         |-----------------> br0       eth1 <---------
                         *                   *
                         *        eth0       *
                         *         ^         *
                         *         |         *
                          <<<wired network>>>

The bridge between br0 and eth0 currently pushes all traffic -- which is
obviously not a good thing.

Anyway, I am after suggestions on how to do the crypto thing which meet
these criteria:

 - I would still like to use DHCP for ip addresses on wireless machines
   (denial of service on the IP address range doesn't bother me much)

 - Yay crypto on the wireless stuff (ipsec?)

 - It needs to work with linux, and win2k

 - I'm most concerned with people yoinking ADSL bandwidth than protecting
   my internal network, which is fairly secure...

Any suggestions?



Michael Still (mikal at     UMT+10hrs

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