Transact Gungahlin

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Wed Jun 12 18:11:51 EST 2002

David Gibson wrote:

> That would certainly be true of power lines, and (electrical) data
> cables too.  But TransACT is all fibre, so fire risk is not a reason
> to not put the cables down the gas pipes themselves.

Actually, TransACT is not "all fibre". The fibre runs to the supernodes
and to the smaller nodes. Telephone services run over copper wires from
the supernodes to the premises, up to 1 km or more away. Video/data
(VDSL) services run from the local nodes to the premises over copper
wire up to 300m away.

It is this last 300m or so that is causing the problem in areas with
underground power distribution. Getting the fibres to the supernodes
and local nodes is not such a big issue for TransACT, they can bury
these at only marginal extra expense. Much of the fibre to the supernodes
and local nodes is buried around Turner in any case.


Bob Edwards.

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