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Doug.Palmer at <Doug.Palmer at> wrote:
> For large gas pipes, cleaning out deposited water/gunk is a problem. They
> have "pigs" which squeegee along the pipes, flushing the water out. I would
> have thought that having cable in the pipes would make this a little
> difficult. 
> Does this build-up not become a problem in smaller gas pipes?

I would imagine that the gas pipes remain just that, gas pipes, and that
the Transact cables run inside the same conduit (or inside parallel
conduits), but not inside the gas pipes themselves. So the pigs would be
unencumbered by cables.

I believe there is a certain amount of physical seperation required
between gas pipes and anything else (like power or data cables, which
can become sources of combustion), so it's extremely unlikely that the
cables are run inside the gas pipes themselves.
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