TransACT 5 months in...

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Wed Jun 12 14:52:52 EST 2002

I would like to believe that they would not try and hobble the "free
service that they have specifically promoted from day 1, but I am not as
confident as you that this is the case.

Given some of the other "products" that TransACT are now trying to sell to
organisations, I could say that it would not be in their interests to have
too many people using a "free peer-peer" service if they can co-erce them
into buying the expensive products.

Remember, it is not "broadband" that they are proposing to hobble, just the
"free peer-peer" offering, if and when it ever eventuates.


Bob Edwards.

Antti.Roppola at wrote:
> That sort of service would be a PR disaster: "We give you 2400 baud broadband!"
> So I wouldn't read it as a fate-accompli just yet. They would be better off
> charging for meaningful capacity than launching a crippled service like that.
> Antti
> Bob Edwards wrote:
> > The problem appears to be that they are planning to feed the entire networks'
> > worth of "free peer-peer" traffic through a single 1Mbps "channel" on their
> > VPN router. Effectively, the "free peer-peer" will be unusable for anything other
> > than the occasional e-mail. I laughed when they told me this. I have been

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