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Wed Jun 12 12:02:29 EST 2002

On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 11:42:13AM +1000, McKinney / Joshua David (TM),N wrote:
> I've started to play around with qmail and Maildir recently and I've been unable to find a good .muttrc for use with mutt so that it loads the Maildir delivered mail properly.
> I am a bit confused as to the difference between the "set folder", "set mbox", and "mailboxes" settings in .muttrc.  I haven't quite worked out the right magic sequence of Google search terms to give me a good example because the default sample muttrc has maildir and qmail mentioned in it, so I end up with dozens of links that all link to the same man page or muttrc file.
> Any help would be gladly apppreciated.

   Assuming a number of maildirs are in ~/mail/

set folder=~/mail

  To save outgoing main into a maildir (~/mail/sent-mail/):

set record=+sent-mail/

set postponed=~/postponed-msgs/

   List all the separate maildirs:

mailboxes +mbox +jcsmr +site.contacts +security \
        +debian/debian-powerpc ...

   Note: mutt will read as either mbox (if a file) or maildir if a directory
that contains tmp/ cur/  new/  subdirectories.  procmail will deliver to
these as well if you specify the mailbox destination as a directory (that
already has the three subdirs).  You can mix maildies and mboxes if you want
(why?)  Example .procmail to deliver to your ~/mail maildirs (~/mail/spam/ and


* ^Subject:.*\*\*\*\*SPAM\*\*\*\*


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