TransACT 5 months in...

Neil Muller neil at
Wed Jun 12 08:29:58 EST 2002

I've been with Netspeed since I started with Transact and found them very good
and helpful with great download speeds usually > 50K/sec. Being able to login
through cable and dialup is a real advantage because I have to work at several
different sites around Canberra. Price and moderate download limits are the
things which make me wonder about staying with Transact long term. ADSL from
almost all the Canberra suppliers offers much bigger download limits for the
same total amount.

BTW if you need more than 2 phone lines to your home (I run my business from my
home) then make sure you organise it with Transact when they are doing their
initial install. The standard Transact installation only supports 2 phone lines
and Transact charge the full $250 to come out and put additional lines in after
they've connected you the first time.


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