Linux friendly Windows Desktop support in Canberra?

Rasjid Wilcox rasjidw at
Tue Jun 11 23:40:30 EST 2002

Just to add to the posts looking for commercial PC support, my workplace is 
currently looking at its PC support options.

We have around 35 Windows workstations (mix of 95, 98 and NT) and two servers 
- one NT server and one Linux server (Mitel SME).

We are mainly looking for Windows Desktop support, but would prefer to work 
with someone who knows what Linux is and what it can do (as opposed to one 
support person who said 'Oh, yes, I know all about Linux' - but when it came 
to reformatting a test machine I had running Linux, spent several hours 
getting Partition Magic to deal with it).

We have spoken to Andrew(??) from EON ( and were 
planning to talk to ITAssist (  I guess I can 
include Johanson Brothers Enterprises 

Any other suggestions?  (Self promotion is welcome. ;-)

We would have a preference for a small company / partnership rather than a 


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