TransACT 5 months in...

andrew at andrew at
Tue Jun 11 20:11:48 EST 2002

As many here are already aware, I have had some very bad experiences with
netspeed (like regular service dropouts, tech support *lying to me*, being
overcharged 3 months in a row (although all those charges were reversed),
and then not receiving any refund when I cancelled the service.  I took
them to small claims court, and they settled).

Their service may have improved (I wouldn't know), but the attitude of
their manager in particular (some of their staff were actually very
helpful, just not the ones who could actually do anything) is more than
enough reason for me to recommend that people avoid them like the plague.

As for webone, I have had their service for a while.  They don't charge
for upstream traffic (as long as it stays at a "reasonable" limit, defined
roughly by one of them on the phone as "less than 3 times your download
quota").  The huge disadvantage with hosting a server at home, regardless
of isp, is the rate limiting done by transact - my connection is 256k
down, 64k up - that 8 kB/s total for all users to share, not to mention
any usage I might want to make of that link...


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