[Q] FWLogWatch Strangeness....

Donovan J. Edye d.edye at bigfoot.com
Mon Jun 10 09:39:54 EST 2002


As I have not received a reply from this apps mailing list I was wondering
if someone on this list could help me out?

I have a Debian system:  Linux lisa 2.4.9 #8 Thu Oct 4 05:04:16 EST 2001
i686 unknown with fwlogwatch 0.8.1 installed. If I run the startup script as

lisa:/etc/bind# /etc/init.d/fwlogwatch stop
lisa:/etc/bind# /etc/init.d/fwlogwatch start
Starting firewall log watcher: fwlogwatchClosing

It appears that my config (default location and name) file has been read.
However if I look at how the daemon is running I see:

root     12185  0.0  0.9  1652  612 ?        S    16:26   0:00
/usr/sbin/fwlogwatch -R -A -B

However in the above config file I have:

# Command line option: -R
realtime_response = no

I also have some other options set which are also obviously not getting set.
What am I doing wrong here? It has to be something simple.


-- Donovan
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