Oops - mail read question

Paul Bryan katenpaul at netspeed.com.au
Sun Jun 9 23:24:27 EST 2002

Sorry, I posted a question about email readers, but I went and replied to an
existing one and forgot to change the subject. I imagine it might raise some
questions about its relevance to SQL...

Again, sorry about that. Heres the original again.

Hi I was just wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for mail readers.
I'm looking for something GUI based that reads mbox and/or maildir format
mails. Basically I manage things via fetchmail and procmail, downloading mails
from various accounts and filtering them into different mail boxes. 

I just want a reader that provides a good GUI and doesn't have too much
overhead. I tried using Kmail (I'm using KDE) but I had some locking issues and
it seemed something odd was going on behind the scenes (i.e. some mail appeared
using the mail command or elm but didn't show up in KMail until I exited and
restarted KMail).

Has anyone got any good suggestions for a mail reader that will just read from
either multiple mbox files or a maildir setup and just simply maintains a list
of read / unread, possibly groups posts to mailing lists and the likes? I don't
even need POP, IMAP support. 

As you can see from below I'm using XFMail which does the job pretty well, but
the interface is a litte kludgy.

Anyway, way too much chat.

Paul Bryan.

E-Mail: Paul Bryan <katenpaul at netspeed.com.au>
Date: 09-Jun-2002
Time: 23:22:28

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