Debian discs...

Drake Diedrich dld at
Sun Jun 9 17:45:29 EST 2002

On Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 09:52:45PM +1000, Rasjid Wilcox wrote:
> Okay, I'd like to give Debian a try.  I've been using RedHat for over 3 years 
> now, and I'd like to try something different.
> I think I need the 2.4 kernel, as I have an ATA100 IDE channel and don't wont 
> to go back to using the ATA66 one.  So I presume that I need to get either 
> Woody or Sid.  My assumption is that if I want a nice stable desktop machine, 
> then Woody is probably the way to go.
> So is anyone able to burn me a set of reasonably recent Woody discs, and 
> perhaps give me a 10 minute intro into the Debian way of doing things?  I 
> will of course provide replacement blanks.

    Ah!!!  Potential test victim.  :)

   I've had this idea for a while that bootable CDs on Macs and PCs use
orthogonal features, and there's no reason a single CD couldn't be built
that boots both.  It being a long weekend, as of an hour ago I now have one,
and the .iso is under 45MB, so it should fit on a credit-card CD.  The
images that were merged were the Debian netinst CDs (small Debian
installers, you'd pull nearly everything over the net, so if you don't have
a proxy full of .debs, or unlimited quota and broadband, etc, these aren't
the images you want).

   I don't have the full woody CDs (track unstable myself), but can dump
about 3 CDs of woody/testing/unstable .debs on you if you want, email and
stop by with a laptop or 3 CDs if you want them.  Complete with Packages.gz,
so it's a mini-archive of the .debs I was interested in (about 1/4th of the
entire archive, but that reduces the dpkg/dselect load on my older machines
as well).

    If _someone_ with a Prep box is listening, there are prep kernels on the
netinst CD, and this locally crossbred CD, but the netinst author doesn't
know if they work.


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