Mindless stupidity

Richard Cottrill richard_c at tpg.com.au
Sat Jun 8 11:13:15 EST 2002

Not really a big break from the usual, but it's really late and my bed time
is rapidly approaching. As I sit here listening to JJJ and contemplating my
potentially very odd weekend, I think to myself "hey, the noose is around my
neck, why not kick out the stool too?!".

I'm heading along to the Extreme Computing festival on Sunday, so does
anyone want a web browser tea towel? The price is yet to be decided (or
rather I have no idea what they're charging, I'm not going to take a cut),
but shipping is via "family connections" and Jeremy (who doesn't yet know
he's volunteered to take them to the July CLUG meeting). Payment will be
settled with Jeremy there; and I'll have him neutered if he pockets the
cash. Orders/requests should include preferred colour, browser, version, and
platform (I have no idea how many of these options will be available).
Guaranteed once in a lifetime offer!

Requests/orders close at about 7-8pm Sunday in Canberra (that's about the
last email check I'll be doing).

If you're not familiar with Extreme Computing point your browser to
http://xcom2002.com and/or http://theregister.co.uk/content/28/25626.html
and poke about. I nearly got co-opted into making a 'display' by hacking
(like with an axe) an old Mac into a fish tank (a long held dream of mine),
but ignorance saved the day.

On the off-chance that anyone else on the list will be there, I'll be in the
bar or scar(r)ing the dorkbots/space hijackers people some more. Look for a
faded, green, JJJ t-shirt.



	it is electricity connected to itself, if it hath wires
	it is a vast Spiderweb
	and I am on the last millionth infinite tentacle of the spiderweb, a
	lost, separated, a worm, a thought, a self...

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