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Fri Jun 7 13:22:11 EST 2002

On Friday, June 7, 2002, at 11:35 , Grant Morphett wrote:

> Firstly, I haven't got this service but I am thinking about it.  TPG 
> have only
> just (last couple of weeks) made this service available in Canberra.

I like the fact that TPG offer dial-up connections as a back-up plan.

However, with two people in this house doing updates of Debian, FreeBSD, 
Mac OS X and Windows, combined with a gaming habit, it's hard to keep 
traffic below 1Gb/month.  This works out at about $117/month for our 
usual traffic of around 1.7Gb - $0.159/Mb for traffic up to 300Mb, then 
$0.05/Mb for the rest (that's about $144/month including the access fee).

Compare that with Apple Communications' ADSL prices 

Don't forget to read the review at - this gives you a couple of 
pointers for other ISPs providing ADSL.  Switching to Apple 
Communications or TPG still means you're at the mercy of Telstra, since 
AFAIK both these companies buy their ADSL wholesale from Telstra in 

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