Grant Morphett grant at
Fri Jun 7 11:35:55 EST 2002

Firstly, I haven't got this service but I am thinking about it.  TPG have only
just (last couple of weeks) made this service available in Canberra.  Of course
it's been in all the other capital cities for ages.  It SEEMS like a good deal
but time will tell.  Permanent IP, cheaper setup/running costs, they don't care
how many boxes or what type you put on the other end (guess they figure the more
traffic you download the more money they make - any one told Telstra this idea??)
and everything over 300Meg is $0.05/meg - good for those distro downloads.

Anyway you can check it all out on their web page  If anyone does
have it or is going to get it could you post your experiences to the group so we
know what its like.

Just thought folks would like to know.


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