Moving /var to a new volume.

Jeremy jepri at
Thu Jun 6 19:04:38 EST 2002

On 2002.06.06 17:34 Chris Fletcher wrote:

> Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to acheive this
> without
> destroying the server :-)

Sam's answer works, but I'd rather boot the machine from a 
linux-on-a-cdrom or a really small distro like Trinux.  That way there 
are no problems with open files etc.  Just mount old and new partitions 
and copy away.  Then change /etc/fstab or whatever and you are done, 

I actually did it Sam's way once and it did involve a fsck on the new 

As an aside, I have actually changed root partitions on a Solaris box.  
Their Logical Volume Manager is so good, you can order the LVM to take 
control of an ordinary partition, turn it into a logical volume, and 
then combine it with partitions on other disks.  I wish Linux's LVM was 
that good.

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