Moving /var to a new volume.

Sam Couter scouter at
Thu Jun 6 17:51:15 EST 2002

Chris Fletcher <cf at> wrote:
> I am sure this has happend to many people at some time or another.  We have
> a freeBSD server and the /var volume has filled up.  We have plenty of room
> on the /usr volume so we would like to move it to there.
> Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to acheive this without
> destroying the server :-)

Boot to single-user mode, or shut down as much stuff as you can.

Move, copy, whatever. Set up symlinks or bind mounts or whatever you
want so that /var actually appears at /var.

Reboot or restart stuff. Reboot if there was stuff you couldn't shut
down (logging daemons and stuff, perhaps), as the file handles those
programs have open will become invalid.

Easy. :)
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