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Michael Still <mikal at> wrote:
> An interesting concept. I'm not really sure if this is spam or not.

I think it's a misguided attempt at evangelism or something. I got a
reply from the guy, so it's a real email address with a real human.

> Anyway, am I confused in believing you could achieve the same thing by
> replacing the binary named init on your linux box with your chosen
> application (assuming you didn't want things like X)?

Not quite. It looks to me like it's conceptually a combination of a
microkernel based OS and a binfmt_misc type mechanism. So it supports
servers compiled to bytecode and runs them in a VM. The event-based
model they're talking about seems similar to message-passing used in
Mach, as an example.

I would imagine that the Hurd would have the same capabilities if you
could get a VM to run on it.
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