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Thu Jun 6 07:49:34 EST 2002

Having gone through the "what version will suit me best" I just bit the
bullet and bought the disks: Debian 2.2R6 (3disks), Slackware V8.0 (3
Disks), FreeBSD 4.5 (4 Disks)

Now anyone out there that has a copy of OpenBSD on CD I can copy?



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> Hey, I'm in the Canberra area and I've had a recent interest 
> in linux and 
> would love to try it out. I have been recommended Mandrake 
> linux and have 
> read a lot about it (feel free to recommend anything for a 
> newbie if you 
> feel its appropriate). My questions are as follows:
> 1) I could download mandrake from their site, although I do 
> not have a 
> burner, so I can't put it on a CD. Is there a place in 
> Canberra I can get 
> it? A burnt copy of the downloadable one prefered (as its 
> cheap, and I'd 
> like to try this out before I put too much money into it - 
> I'm poor), but I 
> may still consider the real version, depends on the pricing. 
> Harvey Norman 
> only seemed to have Red Hat linux.
> 2) I know I should probably ask transact this, but I'm 
> writing this anyway, 
> so I may as well ask you. I recently got transact and to 
> connect to the 
> internet it uses Enternet 300, I looked for a linux version 
> of it and found 
> that there was a command line version, but could not find a place to 
> download it. If any of you have this, know any info on it, or 
> can tell me a 
> method of connecting to transact internet with linux, It 
> would be great if 
> you could share your info with me.
> Thanks heaps, in advance.
> - Jeremy H.
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