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Wed, Jun 05, 2002 at 07:11:26PM +1000, Sam Couter wrote:

> James Ring <sjr at> wrote:
> > On a related matter... those of us who are cursed with Telstra ADSL
> So what I want to ask people is: Is an ADSL modem an ADSL modem, or are
> there different breeds of ADSL modem? If I want to switch to a different
> ADSL provider than Telstra, is the same ADSL modem going to work?
> The modem Telstra gave me is an Alcatel Speed Touch Home, if that makes
> a difference.

An ADSL modem is a an ADSL modem :)

The speed touch home will work on pretty much all ADSL providers in
australia.  The only thing that really varies with adsl modems is the
interface to the computer (USB, Ethernet, etc) and hence how they
interpret or bridge(PPPoE) the ATM encapsulated PPP frames.  

If you are interested it's actually possible to turn your ST Home into
an ST Pro and have it do NAT, DHCP, DNS and firewalling -- handy and
cheap (done it heaps of times). All you have to do is toggle a software
register and viola.

The ST Pro does ppp internally (PPP over ATM) so it's also a tad faster
than bridging the ppp frames over ethernet.

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