tim twalker at bigpond.net.au
Mon Jul 29 09:06:50 EST 2002

Try running kicker manually and see if it gives you any error messages in a 
terminal. (You can run console with an alt-f2). Also kde3 generally uses a 
.kde3 so you might want to see what is happening in there (I usually blow 
away the .kde dir directly and just copy configs and things I want back to 
.kde3 later). Finally mandrake menu keeps helpfully adjusting the user-menus 
in KDE which is incompatible with with that version of KDE, so getting rid of 
~/.kde3/share/apps-mdk or whatever it is and trying to restart kicker can 
help. If that's the problem you'll have to track down whichever program puts 
it there. (menudrake or something).


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