ISP And Contract Issues (was Re: Webone blocking port 25??)

Alex Satrapa grail at
Sun Jul 28 17:40:46 EST 2002

On Friday, July 26, 2002, at 01:39 , Damien Elmes wrote:
> So the ISP is basically covering its hide. It is a business, which is 
> fair
> enough. This thread originally insinuated that blocking the SMTP port 
> was 'for
> the good of the internet', however - which is an entirely different 
> matter.

Okay - go through my previous posts in this thread and substitute the 
concept of "protecting *me* from their users" when I have previously 
stated "protecting the Internet from their users."

Remembering that typically, if damage occurs to the Internet, the 
Internet strikes back.  Mailbombs, nastygrams, RBLs, whatever.  They're 
all unpleasant.

> Indeed. Which is why all this rhetoric about 'if you don't like it, go
> elsewhere' is nonsense. [1]

If your ISP is habitually stuffing things up, then it's probably easier 
to go elsewhere than to get them to fix their systemic errors.

> I never demanded anything. I am currently using Telstra, which, for all 
> their
> ineptitude, do leave the SMTP port open.

Only because they know they'd Telstra it up.

> ... stop-gap solution which *will* be circumvented by the next batch of 
> viruses if it becomes common.

But at least it will be easier to plug the holes when there is only one 
hole to plug.  It's certainly going to be much easier for an ISP to 
monitor and control email traffic that it's been given control of, 
rather than blocking SMTP connections that happen to be traversing the 
ISPs network.

> And when that happens, be prepared for another round of restrictions as 
> people attempt to solve the problem at the wrong end.

Sometimes "the wrong end" is the only end you have control over.  How 
long is an ISP going to stay in business if they start imposing 
"Internet Licence" restrictions and "if you're using Windows, you must 
use Virus detection software" restrictions?  The ISP only has control 
over their network and their services.  So the only "end" that they can 
solve the "problem" at is their end.

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