Rasjid Wilcox rasjidw at
Sat Jul 27 11:29:43 EST 2002

On Sat, 27 Jul 2002 5:39 am, The Korfhage Family wrote:
> Ok, well I have read and tried as many things that I can to get this
> Linux server up as a file server and it still does not work.  So, as a
> last resort, I am calling upon your wisdom for assistance.  I am sorry
> to bug you however.  Let me state the facts as I know them.  I installed
> Linux Redhat 7.2 and the Samba software, I believe successfully but I
> think the smb.conf file configuration is not setup correctly.  I
> attached it as well as a few other server configuration files.
> I am using a DSL modem and a router which is at IP and it
> acts to assign Dynamic IP Addresses to all the 98 workstations in the
> workgroup (which is KORF).  The main workstation is setup with an IP
> address which is assigned by the router.  The Linux server
> which is just going to be a file server is given an IP address
> which is also assigned by the router.  I can ping the IP
> address of the server from the workstation, and vice versa.  No problem.
> However, when I try to ping the servers name KTSERV1 from the
> workstation, it does not work.
> I just can’t figure it out by reading all the files that are supposed to
> assist me!   I read two books and still don’t get it.  UGGGGGHHHH.  I am
> just about to pitch the thing and forget it but I figured I would try to
> see if you can help me.  Thanks, sorry again.
> Pete

I have only had a look at the smbclient.txt file, but it looks to me like 
perhaps you have not added the users to the smbpasswd file.  It was a mistake 
that I used to make regularly.

# cat /etc/samba/smbpasswd

If this is empty, then have a look at 'man smbpasswd'

Alternately, I would suggest running swat, the web-based configuration tool 
for samba.  It also has quite good docs in it, and makes setting up new 
shares etc quite easy.

To enable swat, edit /etc/xinetd.d/swat, and change 'disable = yes' to 
'disable = no'.  Then
# /etc/init.d/xinetd restart
to start swat running.

Then bring up a browser, and go to 'localhost:901'.  Log in as root with the 
root password.  Read some of the docs.  Add your shares.  Add your users 
(under password).  Restart smbd and nmbd.  Hopefully you will be happy.

A third solution if you just want to have a common file server for the family 
is to use a turnkey solution that will just work out of the box and requires 
almost no effort to set up.

Two such turnkey solutions are Mitel's SME server ( and 
ClarkConnect (  Both have a free version more 
than suitable for the home environment.  I have not had a look at 
ClarkConnect yet, but I can vouch for SME's easy of installation and use.


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