TransACT ISP comparison (long)

andrew at andrew at
Fri Jul 26 18:25:05 EST 2002

On Fri, 26 Jul 2002, Matthew Hawkins wrote:

> Alfred (alfred at wrote:
> > I would start with a larger plan (2 Gb say?) and scale it back once you
> > know your usage under high bandwidth conditions :)
> First see if any of the ISP's will be flexible with the plan, even if
> for just the first month.  ie, let you sign up for what you consider to
> be appropriate usage, but switch to a cheaper-for-you plan should your
> usage differ.  Some ISP's in the area actually do the S bit of ISP and
> are happy to let you find their plan that works best for you.

I have never met an ISP that didn't let me do this (although there are
many I haven't used).  I know webone have a written policy now of allowing
people to change plans retroactively within the first month, and even
Netspeed, with whom I had no end of problems last year, let me upgrade
plans after I'd gone over quota.

I'd recommend starting low and moving up as necessary, rather than going
the other way around (where "low" is "about 3 times what you currently
pull over your modem").


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