Webone blocking port 25??

Jeremy jepri at webone.com.au
Thu Jul 25 22:44:15 EST 2002

On 2002.07.25 22:10 Paul Bryan wrote:

> I was wondering in what cirumstances relaying or sending directly
> would be
> more approptirate. Thats why I posted the question in the first place.
> Like,
> in your case with the laptop, it does matter. Thats why the ISP
> shouldn't
> determine what you can and can't access in my opinion.

Relaying is most useful when you are spamming someone.  You upload one 
message with 1000 target email addresses, and the relay will send 1000 
messages on your behalf to your hapless customers^H^H^Hvictims.

It's also handy if you ever disconnect your machine, because the relay 
will keep trying to deliver for a week.

Sending mail directly is more useful when you want to fake your return 
address, since you can put any old garbage into a mail packet and send 

The best solution for me would be an authenticating SMTP server 
accessable from anywhere on the web.  I haven't seen any ISPs do it, 
but I suspect that some of those boutique email companies would.

Most of this trouble comes from the fact that SMTP was created in the 
days when nobody could imagine rejecting mail, because it was so damn 
cool to get it at all.  Thesedays, the novelty seems to have worn thin.

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