ISP And Contract Issues (was Re: Webone blocking port 25??)

Alex Satrapa grail at
Thu Jul 25 20:57:16 EST 2002

On Thursday, July 25, 2002, at 07:21 , Chris Fletcher wrote:

> Why should 25 be treated any different to 80, 21, 443 or any of the 
> other
> important ones.  Or any at all for that matter.  An ISP should provide 
> the
> 'road' and leave it up to me to lock my front door.

It's not your front door to lock.  Your front door is your modem.  After 
that, you're travelling on the ISP's road.  If they decide to make it a 
tollway, that's their decision.  After the ISP's upstream, it's 
Telstra's road (or Connect's or whoever).

Many ISPs already do block port 80 to force their customers to use the 
proxy/caches, since the ISP has to pay Telstra for the downloads too.  
Some ISPs are sneaky and use transparent proxy/caches.  I hate that.

It's difficult to spread virii or spam through port 21 or 443, so 
there's no real reason to block them - the ISP won't get slapped on the 
wrist by the rest of the Internet for letting their customers have free 
access other services.

You have no right to expect an ISP to deliver something that is not 
covered by the contract.  The ISP has every right to change the nature 
of the service as long as it's still covered by the contract that you 
signed.  That's one reason many companies like Telstra put in clauses 
stating "we reserve the right to change the terms whenever we want."

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