Webone blocking port 25??

Chris Fletcher cf at netspeed.com.au
Thu Jul 25 20:25:51 EST 2002

NetSpeed don't care what you put in the from field.  They protect their mail
server based on the originating IP address.  Much smarter to do it that way.

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> > Not true. You can be assured that webone at least are checking the IP
> > range the email comes from and not the name stated in the From:
> > header.
> > I know this, because my mail goes through their server, but my domain
> > is
> > not in any way set up by them or administered in any way by them. They
> > don't have any knowledge of it.
> Complete and utter bullshit.  A week ago I received a message from the
> webone technical support explaining that my mails were being dumped
> because they had an invalid domain in the from line.
> You might mean that webone are checking that the name in the From: line
> contains a valid domain name.

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