Webone blocking port 25??

Paul Bryan pa_bryan at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 25 20:00:18 EST 2002

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> You want to send mail from another account.  Tying your email to an ISP
> doesn't necessarily make any sense.  

Unless you have mulitple ISP accounts you're pretty much tied to your ISP 
anyway! You may as well make use of all their services. Your email won't be 
"tied" to your ISP anyway - you just send via their smtp relay.

> WebOne's and most ISP's
> email servers will only accept mail from a local account and usually
> authenticate by IP, so you can't send mail when you're not logged in at
> home.  

I use netspeed and they relay everything because it's coming from an 
IP/interface that's on their network (i.e. from my dialup/broadband 
connection). I can still use any number of email accounts I like that aren't 
on my isp's network (i.e. they *don't* check the From: field). Check the 
address this mail is coming from - it's definately not my ISP's domain :)

I think this is a good thing. Otherwise how I could I use my own domain (e.g. 
an id.au as someone else pointed out ). I don't think a business plan should 
be required to use an id.au domain - it's not really in the spirit of id.au - 
but if they didn't relay for me then I couldn't.

If you're using a laptop and roaming around that's gonna' be a different 
story, but that's more of a configure for roaming issue than whether you 
should use your ISP's smtp relay from home. Wouldn't you be pretty much using 
the mail relay if you're on the road anyway, rather than configuring sendmail 
to send mail directly?

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