Webone blocking port 25??

Sam Couter sam at topic.com.au
Thu Jul 25 15:52:45 EST 2002

Trim yer replies. I've already read what Alex wrote, I only need to read
your reply, not all of his message again.

Damien Elmes <clug at repose.cx> wrote:
> That's all very well to be standing on your high horse, but when you're locked
> into a plan with a dodgy ISP for a number of months, and their SMTP servers
> are dodgy, I think you might feel differently.

If your ISP is not providing the service they're supposed to provide,
you don't have to pay them for those services. It doesn't matter if
you've signed a contract - they're presumably in breach by not providing
the contracted service.

Exercise your rights.

> Non mainstream folks should not have to pay for business plans to get the
> functionality of the internet that has been available all along. It is of

Not true. Just because in the past you've been able to get more than you
pay for doesn't mean that you should always get it.

While walking in San Francisco once upon a time, I saw a small marker
placed in the footpath/sidewalk at the property boundary in front of a
shop which basically said "Just because you can walk here now doesn't
mean I don't own it anymore. I still own it and may decide to wall it
off one day, and you can't sue when you can't walk here anymore". It
scares me that some people think that simply because they've always
received a certain service (perhaps through simple generosity) that
they're entitled to it forever.

Besides which, the Internet landscape has changed significantly since
the days when only Universities were hooked up. Now we have morons
everywhere and more Microsoft worms than you can poke a stick at. ISPs
and other responsible Internet entities must change too.

> course within the rights of an ISP to block particular ports, but that does
> not make it right. 12 month contracts and monopolies in particular sectors make
> this issue particularly pertinent.

The business of ISPs is hardly monopolised. There are thousands of small
ISPs if you just want modem access. Pick the one that gives you the
service you want. Telstra has a good hold of the broadband market right
now, but even now that's shifting. I expect it to shift further in the
reasonably near future. There are already at least half a dozen 
broadband ADSL ISPs in Canberra, plus the TransACT offerings.
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