Webone blocking port 25??

Alfred alfred at mazuma.net.au
Thu Jul 25 15:35:30 EST 2002

> This brings up a small point I've been wondering about. Both IE and netscape
> have always dealt with email accounts by specifying POP3 and SMTP servers
> for each account. Given the restrictions needed to prevent open-relays,
> wouldn't it make more sense to have the account specify a POP3 server and
> have the SMTP server specified by the connection (ie ISP you're dialing
> into).

yup, but that capability doesn't really exist. PPP can't neogotiate 
beyond DNS address (and WINS crap :)... You could implement some kind of 
radius client I guess, to push the info, but thats not deployed on the 
millions of PCs currently using the NET.
You are right, the SMTP server should be tied to the particular dialup 
session you are using (or at least have it give you a default you can 
override), perhaps the mozilla team should talk to AOL ;) hehe.

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