help with Linux commends needed

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Thu Jul 25 15:21:19 EST 2002

We are meeting tonight. Come and ask.


On Thu, 25 Jul 2002 13:38:34 +1000
tandlj at (Joseph Tandl) wrote:

> I am "exploring" Linux and, because I am a complete greenhorn (with Linux and programming of any kind), I need to find documentation for all simple line commands that are needed to open, unzip, move, compile, save, etc, files in text mode. 
> I am working with Red Hat 7.3, for which I had to download nVidia kernel, GLX and driver rpm, tar and gz type files in an attempt to get X windows to work. (The files are now in a partition shared between Win2000 and Linux on a PC that has an nForce420D chipset in its MSI K7N420Pro socket A motherboard. I have to get them into Linux and do with them whatever it takes to make them work.)
> Can you point me to website(s) or person(s) with such knowledge?
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