Webone blocking port 25??

Damien Elmes clug at repose.cx
Thu Jul 25 11:50:33 EST 2002

Paul Bryan <pa_bryan at yahoo.co.uk> writes:

> I was just wondering why you might not use your ISP's mail relay? 
> I use my IPS's relay because any mails gonna' go through their network 
> anyway, might as well get the ISP's relay to do all the dirty work of 
> figuring out where the mails going and handling the transmission and so 
> forth. 
> Is there any reason why this might be bad for a home user (aside from the 
> obvious, like when the mail relay is down)?
> It seemed to me the best way to do things. They've got the relay sitting 
> there happy to send on my mail - might as well use it.

Telstra's mail servers are hopeless. I send mail directly rather than have to
endure the long relay times (at times), and the occasional lost mail.

And Alex, I don't think it's the ISP's responsibility to curb viruses, other
than to provide free firewall / virus software to download. Every time you
sacrifice functionality in order to aid some clueless user or admin, the
internet turns that one step closer to AOL.

I know I'd rather hits to my webserver from the latest windows virus and have
a SMTP port I can use.

Damien Elmes

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