Clug meeting thursday

Andreas Bauer baueran at
Thu Jul 25 10:39:39 EST 2002

I would have loved to give a talk about the work I'm doing on gcc these
days, but unfortunately I'm stuck in bed with the flue.  Thought I'd be
fit by tonight, but there's no way...  Maybe the talk can be scheduled
for next month?

My work is about code-optimisation in gcc and how it can help the
compilation of programming languages that use GNU C as a target.  I'm
particularly looking into the elimintation of tail-calls, e.g.
transform them into something else than a CALL-instruction which
commonly opens a new stack-frame.  This is particularly useful for things
like GHC (the Haskell-compiler) or Mercury, two projects which make
massive use of tail-recursion and therefore cause an enormous stack
growth, if traditional compilation methods are used.  But not only the
Haskell community would benefit form such optimisations, of course.

So, if anyone is interested in a bit of gcc-internals, calling
conventions and functional programming methodology, I'd be glad to
discuss the issues next month.  Also, I'm looking for others who have
worked on gcc before to share some experiences.


(o_  Andreas Bauer, baueran at,
//\  "I never let my schooling get in the way of my
V_/_  education." -- Mark Twain

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