BIG filesystems and BIG files.

Brett Worth brettw at
Wed Jul 24 15:44:24 EST 2002

Does anyone on the list have experience with large filesystems with large
files on Linux?

What I want to do is 1Tb of usable space for the minimum amount of money.
I'm considering the 160Gb IDE drives.  Assuming I had 8 spindles,
my questions are:

1. Should I use software RAID on many IDE controllers or is a RAID card the
	way to go?
2. If its a RAID card then is one model recommended?
3. What filesystem would be the most stable at these higher capacities?
4. I guess I'll need to modify any utilities that have to access these
	large files.  Is this true or can some utilities handle large files?
	(Like dump/restore, dd)

The largest file I'd be wanting to access is 170Gb.


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