Clug meeting thursday

Brad Hards bhards at
Wed Jul 24 08:05:46 EST 2002

On Tue, 23 Jul 2002 15:30, Joshua McKinney wrote:
> I've spoke to Michael Still this morning, and he's travelling in Tasmania
> on holidays.  He mentioned that this week was supposed to be the week when
> the meeting is on.  He has no access to a computer at the moment (the
> agony...) and won't be there.  I haven't seen any subjects mentioning talks
> as yet, so we need some volunteers pretty soon.
If any kernel people are familiar with what sched_task() does, and handing
stuff off to keventd, I'd be happy to exchange the cost of your pizza 
contribution for a side discussion after the talk(s). There may not be 
much general interest in this, but I am pretty motivated to it right now...


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