Clug meeting thursday

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Wed Jul 24 07:53:49 EST 2002

Joshua McKinney wrote:
> I've spoke to Michael Still this morning, and he's travelling in Tasmania on holidays.  He mentioned that this week was supposed to be the week when the meeting is on.  He has no access to a computer at the moment (the agony...) and won't be there.  I haven't seen any subjects mentioning talks as yet, so we need some volunteers pretty soon.
> Josh

Well, I would like to give a bit of a talk on Authenticaion -
particulary looking at how UNIX and Windows authentication differes, and
what each can learn from the other.

(I'm giving a tute at the CIFS 2002 conference on CIFS authenticaion, so
I could do with a bit of practice...)

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