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Simon Haddon simon at sibern.com.au
Sat Jul 20 10:11:12 EST 2002

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On 19/07/02, 15:58:18, Thebecom BV - "A.M." Theunissen 
<t.theunissen at thebecom.nl> wrote regarding Long Files names:

> I have a rather stupid problem with samba. I'm using Suse 8.0 as samba
> server and on my windows clients I can't use any file anymore which 
> (directory-)names other than the 8.3 format.

> Windows says 'Check if the program is valid and is not used by an other
> program'.
> If I change back de directoryname where the program is located to any
> shortname (was PABX system -> PABX), then there is no problem.

> This problem always occurs which DOS programs and some windows programs.

It sounds like your trying to use long filenames with DOS programs or 
older Windows programs that only understand the 8.3 file format.  DOS 
does not copy with files in any other format than 8.3

> Best Regards.

> Toine Theunissen

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