Wireless bridging

Jeremy jeremy at webone.com.au
Sat Jul 20 00:28:37 EST 2002

Has anyone tried bridging a wireless and  wired network?  I've just 
spent the whole night trying and it seems to be impossible.  The 
highlight was the point where I had the bridge interface responding to 
pings from both sides, but still not bridging.

Worse, I am now at the point where a tcpdump on each interface shows 
the packets being sent, but the packets never go into the air and the 
kernel issues a 'Tx error, state 4'.

I have the cards talking to each other because when I assign addresses 
they work.  But the bridging code doesn't seem to be able to send using 
the orinoco code.

Ho hum, back to IP 'bridging'.

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